You're about to discover why this is the ONLY
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Argentinean Guitar Champion
Is Ready To Teach You
The 5 Critical Steps To Learning
Advanced Lead Guitar -- Fast.

If you're ready to FINALLY say "Goodbye!" to your guitar playing frustration and confusion and take full control of your fretboard, then this is exactly what you're looking for.

Please let me ask you:

...Have you ever been frustrated and dissapointed with the speed of your improvements?

...Have you ever been confused about what you should be practicing now to go to the next level?

...Have you ever dreamed of truly ruling the neck and playing like a real Guitar God, but you didn't believe you could become one?

...Have you ever been worried about jamming with other guitar players because you were scared that you weren't good enough or even that you might bee humiliated?

...Have you ever watched your favorite guitarist and other legends and said to yourself "Man, I wish I could play like that.", but you just didn't have a clue how?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then read on because I'll show you how to never experience those frustrating thoughts and feelings again.

A few months ago, I was surfing on Youtube, watching some guitar videos, and I stumbled onto a video that blew my mind. Honestly, it was the kind of guitar playing that I had always dreamed of: mindblowing techique combined with genuine feel.

I read the comments and one guy wrote: "You're beyond Satch!"... another guy wrote: "it sounds as if Greg Howe joined Dream Theater. Love It!" Every comment was a raving review, which confirmed my own opinion.

This virtuoso's name is Silvio Gazquez and he's quite possibly the best guitarist in Argentina.

So, I emailed him and told him I wanted to learn his secrets and share them with the world.

Here's Silvio Gazquez, Your Virtuoso Instructor

In fact, I knew I needed to fly to Argentina immediately and capture this guitar genius' knowledge so that you would have the tools to go from where you are now to the next dimension of playing: FAST.

Here's what Silvio shared with me...

For the first 9 years he played guitar, Silvio was just another average guitarist. Although he had "big dreams" of being a Guitar God, he wasn't improving anymore. He had hit "the wall".

He started investing his hard earned cash on videos, books, Cds and professional lessons. However, none of it was really making a difference until...

He Decoded The Most Powerful
Guitar Secrets Of
5 Legendary Guitarists

After that, everything changed. Silvio was finally able to play the sick solos, mindblowing licks and riffs he had always fantasized about. He was becoming a Guitar God.

Thanks to his 5 mentors, he started to rule the guitar neck. He started putting these different pieces of the puzzle together and created a new guitar-skill-giving system called: Virtuoso Guitar Secrets.

I've personally bought almost every guitar product out there and I've never seen anything like this. EVER.

This unique Guitar System is so powerful that even if you learn 20% of it, you'll easily play circles around seasoned guitarists BECAUSE... You'll be using killer tricks that they've never even seen before, PLUS: you'll be combining that with some sweet feel. It's the ultimate 1-2 knock out punch!

Here, Silvio Spills the Beans on
How to Play Killer Legato Licks.

I remember Silvio casually showing me a simple trick in 3 minutes in his apartment that totally opened up a new world to me. Now, he's going to do the same for you...

Maybe you've watched Silvio's videos and thought: "I'll never play like that... that's too far out." I'm here to tell you: NONSENSE! YOU CAN IF YOU WANT TO... Even if you just learn a quarter of Silvio's Virtuoso Guitar Secrets, you'll possess an entire new bag of fresh wicked tricks into your brain and fingers.

I'm not going to blow smoke where the sun don't shine and tell you that "You are going to play like Silvio in 1 evening."

However, I GUARANTEE that within 6 months, you'll be one of the most well-respected and admired guitar players in your circle. If you want to be the most wicked guitarist in your neighborhood and beyond... A.S.A.P., then THIS IS IT.

Even if you just learn a tiny fraction of this amazing material, you'll be a totally new beast on the guitar. That's for sure...

There's a Buddhist proverb that says:

"When The Student Is Ready,
The Teacher Will Appear."

Silvio Gazquez with his Custom Tele HH.

The fact that you're still reading this letter, is proof that YOU'RE READY. And I guarantee that: THE TEACHER HAS APPEARED.

I truly believe that 80% of success comes from finding the right mentors and teachers that have the information that you need to succeed. The other 20% is you following their advice.

Too many guitarists struggle day after day because they don't have the right teacher. They spin their wheels practicing the same old exercises and playing the same old stuff. If that's what you've been doing, it's time to stop the madness... because Silvio Gazquez is ready to hold your hand and bring you to the promise land.

Believe it or not, becoming a Virtuoso Guitarist is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. Here's the 3 core elements:

1. Shred Technique

2. Arpeggios

3. Having a Virtuoso Teacher

Let's start with...

Vital Virtuoso Key #1: Shred Technique

It's no big mystery that you need to be able to shred to be labeled a "Virtuoso Guitarist".

During the filming, I was amazed and surprised how EASY shredding can be. Silvio makes it look like a cake walk, as he breaks down:

How to achieve super picking tightness (this is the key to a clean shred sound)

Tons of simple yet hyper-effective techniques like: 1-string shredding, 2-string shredding, 3-string shredding and beyond...

Next is...

Vital Virtuoso Key #2: Arpeggios

During the filming, Virtuwul and I both came to the same conclusion: Arpeggios are truly one of the keys to the kingdom.

I realized that arpeggios are the NEXT LEVEL beyond scales and chords because it combines both of them in a way that allows you to fly all over the neck and sound like a pro.

Plus, arpeggios have what I call "built-in feel". Unlike scales, if you just mindlessly play arpeggios they can sound great because of the notes that are selected.

This is truly one of Satriani and Vai's favorite techniques and now I know why.

Even if you just learn 2 or 3 of the dozens of arpeggio patterns Silvio reveals, your guitar playing will totally transform. This is the kind of stuff that will turn heads when you play in front of people. Be ready to jump into a new universe.

The Final Piece of the Puzzle is...

Vital Virtuoso Key #3: Having a Virtuoso Teacher.

Only a suicidal fool would ever dream of trying to climb Mount Everest alone. Guitarists trying to become a virtuosos by themselves is almost the same thing.

They end up doing the dance of delusion in the land of confusion.

Look at the legends. Virtually every great guitar player had a great teacher. Satriani taught Steve Vai, Kirk Hammett and many others...

I've hired countless teachers, including Silvio.

And now: you have the chance to have Silvio teach you and coach you to the elite inner circles of the guitar world. This is what you've been waiting for...

Here's Why Silvio Gazquez Is
The Perfect Man To Help You
Climb To The Top Of the Guitar Mountain

First the obvious: the man is a Virtuoso. NO ONE argues this. Go read the HUNDREDS of raving comments on his Youtube videos. People think Silvio is "da bomb" because he is. Here's a video of one of his songs that shows off his magic:

If that's not enough...

He was a finalist at the prestigious Guitar Idol competition in London... It's like the "American Idol" for guitarists. Thousands of guitarists applied and only 12 were chosen, Silvio was one of them. He couldn't go because we were doing the filming for this product on the same dates.

Anyway, here's what they said: "A true Guitar monster along the lines of Shawn Lane, Todd Duane and similar: unbelievable technique and genuinely different, and with his effortless command of the instrument this guys time in the guitar limelight is surely guaranteed..."

Plus, he's not just another shredhead. He's a guitarist's guitarist. He goes way beyond speed and shows you how to integrate melody and feel WITH speed and technique. That's what a Virtuoso does.

He's earned the respect of and is friends with legends like: Guthrie Govan, Vinnie Moore, John Petrucci, Dragon Force, Greg Howe, Richie Kotzen, George Lynch, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and more...

The fact that I felt compelled to get on a plane and go to Argentina to film him says it all. I've never even considered that before I saw Silvio. Enough said.

What's In The Virtuoso Guitar System?

The Virtuoso Guitar System is going to spoon-feed you easy-to-digest, bite size pieces of world-class guitar playing. With this system, the complex becomes simple and the impossible becomes possible.

So, you're going to get:

3 DVDs that are jam-packed with over 4 hours of easy-to-understand instructions.

75 tabbed out detailed examples, so you can follow along with Silvio.

An electronic book that breaks things down into greater detail.

A monster bag of world-class guitar tricks, techniques and methodology that is going to change how you play the guitar forever.

Virtuwul and I "grill" Silvio for hours
To Get All His Virtuoso Secrets!

Pop in the first DVD, and watch as Silvio decodes his favorite songs. You'll have 3 ways to learn. First, you'll be able to watch Silvio and you can learn the tabbed examples for the entire DVD. Secondly, Virutuwl and I absolutely grill Silvio and make him explain all the amazing things he does in his songs. And thirdly, the song is played again at 50% speed, for easy learning at a slow tempo.

Here's a Small Sample of Some of
The Juicy Secrets, Tricks and Techniques
You're About to Learn:

How Silvio fuses monster melodies with simple major and minor chords. This is the key to creating your own killer melodic rock songs.

The "no limit mindset" that gets you out of any rut and gives you the Virtuoso paradigm that you need to make your solos extremely fresh, creative and mindblowing.

The amazing mixolydian/dorian blend. This trick alone will open up a whole new sound for you on the lead guitar. It's the kind of ear candy that every guitar player dreams of creating.

Take your songwriting to a whole new level by incorporating riff-based melodies like Deep Purple. If you want to create monster rock anthems that gets any crowd to the snap zone, you need to watch this.


How to hit that perfect note after a fast run. It's a great trick that can instantly smooth out your playing.

Play insane tapping licks across all 6 strings. You'll freak everyone out playing stuff like this, but you'll probably be amazed how fast you learn it.

How to switch chords into a new key. This will give you truckloads of new ideas for songs and progressions, and you'll be able to achieve a nice "fusion" sound.

Tons of Killer Examples Showing Exactly
What Both Hands Are Playing.

Go deep into the Virtuoso's bag of tricks... You'll learn tons of radical ideas such as playing multiple arpeggios over a single chord.

Learn to exploit the lydian mode to make Maj7 arpeggios come alive. (You'll love the licks that come out of this sound.)

The keys to mastering position shifting and playing scales all over the neck. I guarantee you'll feel more in control after playing scales this way.

Wicked "sliding arpeggio" licks that will have your jaw dropping to the floor when you play them. Best of all, it's simple

A great pattern to play diatonic arpeggios all over the neck. Speed it up and you've instantly got some undeniable shred chops going on.

More amazing arpeggio patterns and runs - each one more mindblowing than the last...These are truly the keys to the kingdom that you've been searching for.

Blazing lead guitar tricks like string-skipped arpeggios, pedal notes, tap harmonics and pick slides.

Learn to play wide voiced ascending arpeggios that Eric Johnson uses all the time. Who knew it could be this easy to sound this good...


Create exciting peaks for your solos and bring the crowd to their feet with Silvio's "acceleration" method. Try this live and watch the crowd go bonkers.

The key to getting amazing mileage out of the normal diatonic set of major and minor chords. Sound complicated? It's not.

How to play leads using rhythmic groupings. This is another great method for creating your own monster licks.

How to bring exotic chords, like Minor7 11, into use in your own progressions. This technique works much better than memorizing a bunch of random chords.

How to play diminished arpeggios over riffs and progressions. This lets you create that "dark and spooky" sound anytime you want.

You'll love the multi-string tapping arpeggio super solos and pentatonic licks. NOt 1 guitarist out of 10,000 has a clue about this... You'll be blowing away any other guitar player you play with, even if you do it slowly.

Discover the potent 'All over the neck' pentatonic string skipping tapping exercise. Then take it to the extreme by adding arpeggios. This is lead guitar on steroids.

A cool modal formula you can use with "slash" chords to create a totally new sound. Best of all, it's easy as pie.

You'll love how easy it is to do your own Steve Vai impression with these wide interval sequences.

Get a crazy chordal sound by combining Major9 and Minor9s. It's wickedly simple yet it sounds like you've spent 10 years learning it.

Learn the simple secret to creating amazing passing chords. This lets you change a simple "C D Em" progression into a real badass riff.

Learn Silvo's recording process and how he puts his songs together. You can't go wrong following this no-nonsense advice.

Silvio's secret to having amazing feel: You'll love the genius simplicity of this advice.

Plus, Silvio's songwriting process, how to write chord progressions for any melody, and how Silvio likes to spend his practice time...

And THAT'S JUST THE FIRST DVD! On DVD 2, Silvio goes deep into technique with examples and discussions. Next, you will...

Transform Your Playing With
Blazing Legato Technique

All kinds of crazy techniques. Learn how to take a simple legato phrase and turn it into a killer shred lick.

Get your playing sizzling by combining chromatics with legato. Also learn how to create blazing legato licks from any scale.

Learn exactly how to go from a fast 1 string lick, to a fast 2 string lick, to an "all over the neck" shred.

Plenty of amazing examples of ascending and descending legato licks. Learn just a couple of these and you'll automatically go to a new level.

Your ear will love the amazing "alien sounding" licks that feature wild melodic patterns.

Plus, Amazing legato/tapping runs that will turn heads and earn respect anywhere you play them. You'll be surprised just how fast you can play these wicked patterns.

Become a World-Class Shredder with
Killer Picking Technique


Easy picking licks on a single string that transforms you into a monster lightning shredder in 15 minutes or less!

Super smooth licks that let you travel up the fretboard on 2 or 3 strings... This is one of those things you watch the pros do that looks so easy for them but you can never figure out. With pause and rewind, you'll be able to watch Silvio do it as many times as you want.

How to incorporate chromatics to get shredding quickly. This is one of the simplest ways to build speed.

Sweep picking is not just for arpeggios. You need to know how to sweep pick scales if you want to become a master. One of Satriani's favorite tricks.

A picking exercise on the top 2 strings that's easy to do and will have you picking like you've always dreamed of

Utilizing fast diminished licks with distortion - a favorite trick of the late, great Shawn Lane.

Easily create a 'neoclassical' lead guitar sound with these pedal point licks. These are tons of fun and easy to learn.

Learn the proper wrist motion for fast picking, and also how to adapt a picking style that works for you. This alone is going to boost your speed by 25% almost instantly.

Fly All Over the Neck Smoothly
With Awesome Arpeggios

Learn incredible, beautiful licks... They are all too cool for words.

How to start playing arpeggio inversions up and down the neck - you'll be creating fun new sounds and mastering the fretboard at the same time.

How to do arpeggio cycling, which is an awesome, simple-to-use shred technique. You'll love it.

How to play exotic arpeggios and incorporate 7s and 9s smoothly... Even just watching Silvio play these licks will deepen your understanding of the virtuoso realm of advanced licks and melodic ideas.

Even more examples of tapping combined with arpeggios, plus tons of sweep arpeggios, string skipping/tapping arpeggios, and more...

Supercharge Your Chops with
Silvio's Signature Virtuoso Licks...

Learn how multiple techniques can be combined into mindblowing licks. This concept alone transforms your playing INSTANTLY.

Create sick combinations using picking sequences, arpeggios, slides, chromatics and more.

And we're not done yet...

DVD 3 is perhaps the most exciting, because Silvio decodes and teaches the styles of his most important influences.

You're Going to Learn
5 Killer Shred Styles

Yes, on top of Silvio's amazing technique and licks, you'll be learning the best of Ritchie Kotzen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, and Paul Gilbert.

Yngwie Malmsteen Style

Finally, master those super-cool Yngwie licks you've always dreamed of being able to play. Become a beast on the harmonic minor scale.

Discover incredible descending licks that fall beautifully under the fingers, wicked licks using the top 3 strings, and much more...

Ritchie Kotzen Style

How to create insane licks using Ritchie Kotzen's double barring technique. This is the secret to some of Silvio's most mindblowing solos.

Learn killer shifting runs, and "of course", lots of wicked arpeggios...

Vinnie Moore Style

Harness the power of Vinnie's super fast picking licks. Some call this the foundation of shredding.

Play cascading runs for a "waterfall of notes" sound that will delight the ears of everyone, and many other examples.

Paul Gilbert Style

Lots of goodies from one of the world's best shredders. For starters, an easy to play, A+ sounding riff on the lower strings. Get this going and you'll be grinning ear to ear.

Then take your chops to the extreme with these string skipping and arpeggio shred licks.

We're still not done. After decoding his influences, Silvio enlightens us with some of

His Most Precious Golden Nuggets
Of Guitar Wisdom

Such as:

The nitty gritty secrets behind how he creates amazing backing tracks for his own songs.

Even more killer songwriting strategies, including exactly how Silvio pieces his Solos together.

Plus Some Cool Bonus Footage
And 3 Awesome Songs!

You'll Hear Silvio explain his gear and how he gets amazing tone from a simple set up. Yes, you can sound like a Virtuoso for pennies on the dollar and Silvio proves it.

Bonus Song: Far Away - a brilliant concoction of beautiful melodies, heavy riffing, and whammy bar wailing.

Bonus Song: Catharsis, Extended Version. This one's "da bomb". Listen to it anytime you need inspiration.

Bonus Song: Steel Can Feel. An amazing, epic, wailing melody. Destined to be a classic. The soulful guitar playing on this track will hit you right in the gut.

Now, let me answer this:

Who is This Program For?
Who Should NOT Buy It?

The last thing I want is for you to waste your money, so let me tell you who shouldn't buy this package:

Please, do NOT buy Virtuoso Guitar Secrets if:

- You're just getting started and you can't play a simple G, D, C chord progression. Practice a few more months before you buy this course.

- If you've been asked to go on tour with Steve Vai or Joe Satriani, then you probably don't need this...

- If you've already been on the cover of a Guitar Magazine, then you might not need it.

- If you only want to play and listen to slow acoustic songs, then you probably don't need to get it, however you'd you'd be a better guitar player if you did.


- Every intermediate guitar player who wants to go to the next level.

- Anyone who wants to be a pro guitar player, a world-class studio musician or a bedroom virtuoso guitarist.

- Anyone who's a fan of great guitar playing, will totally love this.

- Anyone who wants to learn new tricks and fresh techniques for lead guitar playing.

- Anyone who wants to play killer leads that are infused with beautiful melodies and heart-warming feel.

- Anyone who wants to save thousands of dollars on private instructions.

- Anyone who doesn't want to fly to Argentina to take private lessons with Silvio.

Why This Guitar System is Very Different
Than Anything Else Out There

Before you pull out your credit card, I want to tell you why this system is totally different than other courses:

Reason #1: There's only 1 Silvio Gazquez.

Reason #2: The product was created with a very unique format. First, you'll learn some of Silvio's awesome songs. Then, he'll decode his techniques. And finally, he goes deep into his influences.

Reason #3: You'll actually learn 5 distinctive shred styles. You would have to go buy 5 courses just to get the same information.

Reason #4: This course was produced by 2 other seasoned guitar players (Virtuwul and myself). We grilled Silvio and drilled into his mind as we decoded his most precious secrets. By interviewing him, we made his system a lot easier for you to learn and digest.

Reason #5: This is the first product to focus on Virtuoso Guitar playing. There's tons of products that show you SHRED, however they don't teach you how to play with feel.

Reason #6: It was filmed in Argentina... it's got the international vibe.

Reason #7: We went ALL OUT by hiring a 4-person filming crew and then a world-class editor. Tabbed examples were painstakingly created and integrated into the video. No expense was spared to produce this first-rate package.

Reason #8: Because Silvio is so freaking blistering, the editor created slow motion versions of the examples. So, you'll be able to watch his examples in slow motion and capture all the nuances.

So How Much Is All This
Going to Cost?

By now, you've realized this is the Rolls-Royce of lead guitar courses, and maybe you're thinking that it's is going to cost a small fortune... But don't worry.

This amazing 4 hour virtuoso training package is affordably priced at $197.

This is just an insane bargain. And when you consider that a high level teacher costs around $50/hr, you can see how quickly the money adds up:

You'll spend dozens or hundreds of hours learning from these DVDs and you'll save thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars. It's a steal of a deal. In fact,

Here's 6 Reasons Why This Is
An Offer You Can't Refuse...

Here's why this deal is a no-brainer and you should order now:

1. You're getting 140 tabbed out examples. That's only 69 cents a lesson. (Cheaper than a candy bar)

2. Price per hour of information: less than $25 an hour. Silvio charges $50 and can only teach 10% of the same information in the same amount of time. Plus, the cost of going to Argentina with the hotel would be over: $2000.

3. We could've created 4 products and charged $49.95 each. Instead we're giving away the farm in one shot.

4. You learn 5 Styles for the price of one. It would cost you 5 times more money to learn these styles individually and you STILL wouldn't get the same information. Silvio has refined the best of the best and made it totally accesssible to you. Let's face it, some of the "legends" have legendary egos and they aren't the most pleasant people to learn from.

Here's Some Answers to
Some Frequently Asked Questions:

"There's tons of free stuff on the internet. Why should I buy this?"

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"I already have too much stuff to practice. How can I learn more?"

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"It seems too complex and difficult to learn."

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"I'm too old."

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"There's a million shred products already out there."

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I just bought one of your products. Should I buy this too?

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"I'm not sure if I can't afford it. Money is tight."

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"Silvio is a great guitar player, but I don't like this particular style."

Click Here For the Answer

I'm so sure this course will take you to the next level, that...

I'm Offering You an Outrageous
DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee

This easily the boldest guarantee in the history of guitar lessons. In fact...

You're Protected By TWO Insanely
Generous Money-Back Guarantees

Your First Guarantee:You have TWELVE full months to examine everything, use what you wish, and, if for any reason or even no reason, you want a full refund, just return everything and you'll get your money back immediately.

No hassle. No "fine print." Simple and straightforward; you are thrilled with what you get in my package or you get a full refund. If you're not going to benefit from having a copy of Virtuoso Guitar Secrets, I really would prefer to buy it back.

Your SECOND Guarantee: Your SECOND Guarantee: Yes, we'll give you double your money back if you seriously practice with this course for 6 months and DON'T go to the next level. Just send us a video of you playing within 30 days buying the course and another six months later. If you feel that you're not a totally new beast on the guitar, we'll give you DOUBLE your money back.

Sure, I'm putting my neck on the line with this guarantee and there might be a few people who might try to take advantage of me... But I don't care because I want to take all the risk in putting these Virtuoso Guitar Secrets in your hands today.

I'm giving you such a crazy guarantee because you deserve to get to the next level on the guitar as fast as possible, and I want you to be absolutely assured that your time won't be wasted. Silvio is the real deal, and so is this course.

Silvio Also Wants to Give You
14 Monster Bonus Lessons

When you order, you'll instantly get access to all the example tabs for the course. Plus, you'll get a sweet collection of bonus lessons and tabs that took Silvio a whole month to put together for you.

There's WAY too much stuff to list here... More killer lessons covering chord colors, rock licks, sweep picking, picking arpeggios, intervals, diatonic arpeggios, speed picking, the harmonic minor scale, classical lines, and even more high-tech licks from Yngwie, Paul Gilbert, and Michael Romeo, of Symphony X.

You're at a Crossroad:
Choose Your Destiny Wisely

Here's a tale of 2 guitarists, Guismart and Guitapathy.

Guitapathy reads this letter... closes his browser and doesn't order the Virtuoso Guitar Secrets. He thinks he doesn't need it... Later on that day, he picks up his guitar and plays the same old stuff.

Fast forward 2 years later...

Guitapathy's playing is totally uninispired. He hasn't learned anything new... No one wants to jam with him... His girlfriend dumped him for another guitar player... and the world is laughing at his pathetic Youtube clip. Sadly, Guitapathy barely plays the guitar anymore.

Compare that destiny with Guismart.

Guismart is intelligent enough to realize the amazing value of having Silvio as his teacher, mentor and coach. He pulls out his credit card and takes advantage of the amazing early bird offer.

Fast forward 2 years later... Guismart wakes up and effortlessly plays a few Satriani licks as a warm-up... He turns on his computer and he's got an email from Eric Johnson giving him kudos for the last song that he posted on MySpace... He checks his answering machine and he just got an phone call from his manager telling him that he's going on tour in Japan with Marty Friedman and Dream Theater... He opens his mailbox and there's a notice from Fedex telling him that Gibson just sent him a custom guitar.

So, are you Guitapathy or Guismart? Choose your destiny wisely and order now.

Click on the click below, which will take you to the "orderpage". Then click on the package of your choice, and that will take you to PayPal, the most trusted payment processor on the Internet.

Fill out your payment details and you're in. You'll get instant access to the tabs and examples and we'll have a copy of Virtuoso Guitar Secrets rushed to your door.


To your guitar success,

Claude Johnson
Creator of Guitar Control

P.S. Remember, I'm so confident that this system is going to transform you into a world-class guitarist, that I'm offering you a wild 6 month double-your money back guarantee. NO ONE has ever made you this offer, EVER. Seriously, I'm the one who's got something to lose here, not you.

P.P.S There are literally hundreds of positive comments about Silvio's playing on the Internet. Here's a small handful.

"Silvio is a God, his effortless mastery is a thing of sheer beauty to watch, let alone listen to! Well done, and long may you reign Silvio."


"WOW! He and Satriani ought to team up. I would love to hear that sound!!!"


"This man is really a virtuoso. You can tell how his brain is controlling every move to the perfection. But I am not really into elctrical guitars. I am into classical guitars. Nevertheless, the man is out of any clasification."

Luis Gonzalez

"First of all,I just wanna say for the record,Silvio,my hat's off to you hombre!!You are a true gunslinger!!Magnifico!!The pick attack,phrasing technique,legato runs,sweeps and arpeggio runs,changes,and turn-a-rounds are outstanding.Talent is truly a gift and Silvio my brother, you are one extremely talented dude!NEVER waste talent.Rock on,my brother."

Sandor M

"Holy freakin @#$!!! Awesome!!!"

JImmy C

"Diggin' your stuff a lot man, real killer playing. Congrats on the Guitar Idol album man! Thanks bro and much respect to you!"

Rick Graham

"Wonderful melody,really! Congratulations to you, Silvio, and to you, Claude for discovering him! Among the plethora of praise I can heap on Silvio's playing, what truly struck me as unique was the sheer effortlessness, the facility of his playing. It's the hallmark of all great talent in any art, and especially instrument-skills in music, I think. Kudos to you , Silvio - and yes, I actually liked your composition, too. Your song really rocks, in the truest sense of the word!"


"Nice ! But, I can't believe he's getting that sound out of a Telecaster ! LOL It doesn't even have a humbucking pick-up, but, it sounds great !! I'd like to see more about how he does his arpeggios."


"Impressive, I hope to be that good in an other 20 years or so"

Ray Matwick

"I'm not sure where to begin. This person plays with with more feeling than you can shake a stick at!! Silvio is unbelievable! A master of the neck And Will be noticed by the world esp. He does play with feeling...most important. I could watch him play for hours!. Best of Luck to you Sylvio, you won't need any luck with all that talent!"

Ron S.

"Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Rich White

"The guy's a champion. What a mind blower".




"Wow, that was a sick lick. I've heard millions of arpeggios, but the tone and clarity of this one really speaks out to me. Good job Silvio, i'm looking forward to more of your work."

Josh Daniel

"HOLY MOLY! Great playng. I LOVE your tone."

Jessie Bolt

"Your three-note-per-string pentatonics were worth the price of admission! Keep doing your thang!"

M. Modes

"This is by far the best instrumental rock composition I have heard online !!! High regards !!! I always see kids who cover stuff from Vai, Howe, Vinnie etc. But why ? Why doesn't every upcoming guitar player listen to this ? I wished they could understand that this is the real destination, to compose your own music, nobody needs 1000 Steve Vais or 1000 Greg Howe, the original is the only one we need."

M. I.

"OUTSTANDING In my humble opinion, there is no reason why your name should not be above Satch and Vai. I think you are an easy fit between those guys and Morse, E.Johnson etc. Very nice playing. This should be your life."

Ramey M.

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